SM Now and Then: My Incredible SM Experiences

Back to the Old SM Days
Shoe Mart (SM) will always be SM. As I can vividly remember, whenever we would be going out of town, especially to Manila, the trip will never be complete without a shopping experience at SM. True enough, during those days, I was not that aware of how commodities are being bought. All that mattered to me was that I wanted some new toys and that I am willing to scream at the top of my lungs to let my parents buy me my most sought-after goodies.
And so SM just seemed like a paradise to me then. All sorts of dolls, books, clothes, shoes, and more items came springing up as I grew up. Later on, I even managed to buy my own. But SM will always be SM (that stuck on my head).

The Haven for Shoppers and Fans
Now that we even have our own SM mall in our city, the “haven of shoppers” came closer and we, shoppers, can readily avail of the latest finds there are around. But then, it did not stop there. SM ventured into greater heights as they catered to mall tours, festivities, crafts, and other community-centered events.

I was thrilled to join some of them, that to include watching my favorite artists perform live (specifically Toni Gonzaga – whom I even got an autograph from)! I was really star-struck then. Even my little brother, who is a huge fan of Toni had to talk to our parents just to see her. Well, that was one of the first mall shows I have watched, so at that time, I really cannot believe that I was there.

Getting to talk to her, telling her how we are really fond of her singing and acting talent made my day – thus, I kept her autograph in my diary and am hoping that in the years to come, I would still be reminiscing that day when I proved how I am as a fan.

Basically Simple Pleasures
Awesome experiences do not necessarily mean availing the most expensive items on board. Thus, as my family just wants to save on our expenses as much as we want to find the best quality possible, we definitely discover that SM does have these features for us to go there. Offering a variety of goods and services readily affordable by people of our class, we certainly recommend taking a look at what SM has to provide in terms of various delectable choices. From food items, books, clothes, home devices, and a whole lot more, you will just end up discovering the simplest pleasure there is for you. And as for me, a good “read” will do!

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