Preliminary Take on DLSL’s Master of Management Technology (MMT) Program

So much has occurred these past few weeks that I think I’d be able to call the months that passed as “blessings”. For one, taking part in the Master of Management Technology (MMT) program of De La Salle Lipa (DLSL) could indeed be one of those blessings.

The Program
The MMT program itself is a breakthrough in the Philippine education landscape. Being the first of its kind in the country, MMT can testify to the evolution of technology, packed with the educational necessities of the new generation.

Started in 1996 together with the construction of the then-called Management Technology Development Centre (MTDC), now referred to as Diokno Bldg., MMT continues what it has started. It aims to develop the future and present stakeholders of the nation – all contributing to the betterment of society.

MMT hones its students by becoming efficient, effective, excellent, competent, and character-centered managers. Topped with the ideals of St. John Baptist De La Salle, it likewise centers on the values that the Saint has embodied all throughout his life. Values such as faith, service and communion also show the school’s commitment to equip its students and graduates with the necessary attributes leading to business or career success.

MMT Batch 34, with Sir Sanny Leviste


Our first mentor/professor can be considered as one of the best professors we’ve ever had. Sir Sanny Leviste, our Fundamentals of Management (FUNMA) professor, taught more than academic knowledge. He led us towards a journey we thought we would never uncover. His teaching strategies, which were more about crowdsourcing, brought out the best in us.

Learning from him was just awesome! Starting with a series of videos that showed us the various sides of management (from environment, marketing, finances, strategies, etc.), the jam-packed Saturdays we’ve had with him were more of workshops of personal and career/business success.

He pointed out the importance of passion, just like what Steve Jobs has always been reiterating. In fact, along the way, I even came to deduce that Sir Sanny seems to look just like Steve Jobs himself. J In every meeting, we stressed the importance of determining our own passions in life to be successful. And so we felt like we’re indeed moving towards more discoveries along the way.

Continuing the Journey

One subject down and many to go. Surely, we’ll be taking on a LOT more throughout the rest of our MMT journey. Next subject shall be Strategic Information Technology and Exchange (SITE) and that, I think, would also be an exciting one. J

Cake from Sir Sanny, during the last day of FUNMA