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What's been Happening at Paypal?

I've read some Paypal horror stories lately and never thought that I would experience the same.

My first encounter was when my account got limited due to a spyware, I think.

Next (just recently) is a system error which caused a withdrawal to occur without me getting the funds in my bank account (and until now, I still haven't retrieved that amount).

The third and most recent is a dispute that occurred when my client paid me yet Paypal held the payment.

Whew... This is too much!

Been trying to call Paypal, yet the process is very long -- my IDD credits are already zero. Lots of channels to go through and yet, there's no resolution yet to my dilemmas.


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Every custom wheel and rim from CARiD is finely crafted and built for SUVs, cars, or trucks. To guarantee OEM accuracy the manufacturers make sure that the rims are shaped and sized through the most current technologies available.

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Word of Caution to Bloggers and Freelancers

Never commit to jobs you can't work on, even if options are available.

Yes, I am an independent contractor for freelance writing jobs. Been with Odesk, building my portfolio and tried hiring writers to do some tasks. However, just now, I encountered a buyer who seemed to be very understanding and all. I really regret my choice of taking the particular job.

Being ill for the past days, I told him that I think I won't be able to make it, though I have other writers to help out. Unfortunately, he wasn't satisfied and so I suffered with his low feedback score.

Anyways, this is a lesson learned. Next time, I have to make sure that only the best writers take up the jobs that entail feedback score, lest, I should be the one to write those articles.


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Manila, not a suitable city to live in – Mercer’s Quality of Living Survey 2010

Mercer, a global human resources consulting firm helping organizations empower their people attain success in the business, released the results of the Quality of Living Survey for 2010.

With this, Manila, the capital of the Philippines, was referred to directly – stating how this particular city experienced tremendous natural disasters during the past year, therefore resulting to the low rank it attained as per the survey mentioned, placing 172nd among the 221 cities surveyed all throughout the world. From a score of 69.9 in 2009, the Philippines’ metro hub dodged to 62.8

This score is based on an index score of 100, compared against the base city, New York.

Having gone through typhoons, earthquakes, and cyclones in 2009 and early 2010, Manila, together with other cities in Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand, were ranked low in the said survey. Aside from the natural calamities, these mentioned cities were also prone to internal conflicts, crimes, pollution, and other hazards to optimum living of their citizens.

Asia’s leading city when it comes to these criteria, Singapore, ranked 28th, as it was described to promote its financial growth, education (especially to international students), and expatriates’ housing.

Meanwhile, worldwide, Vienna (1st), Zurich (2nd), Geneva (3rd), Vancouver (4th), and Auckland (4th) are on the top spots.


Having learned the results of the survey, I don’t intend to put down my own country. But in tangible sense, we can now really compare the difference of some countries with the others, and think about how we, as Filipinos, can contribute to the ascent of our cities and eventually our country.

We may still not be that developed, as compared to the 1st world countries, but in time, and with perseverance, who knows? We too, can be one of the top countries in the world – in terms of holistic development of its people and resources.





5 Tips to Earn Your Dream Bucks Online: From $0 to $1,000,000

Earning online can be a dream-come-true for the strong-willed and vice-versa for the ill-hearted. Why waste your time staring at your computer monitor, searching for info nuggets when you yourself and create them out of passion and later on, be a trusted info source and earn? Here are five tips to make that dream come true. Trust me, for I’ve been there. Though I’m still not the five-star online-trepreneur, I can attest to how I’ve been before and now. And so far, so good!
  1. Find your niche. Do you love writing? Photography? Typing? Singing? There are absolutely tons of ways to develop your hobbies and turn them into heaps of bucks.
  2. Try one of the lowest paying jobs and just build your portfolio. You may want to post ads at craigslist.com and let potential clients contact you. You may also try freelance job sites that help you in earning online like odesk.com, elance.com, scriptlance.com, and bid to jobs you’d like to apply to.

Tip in bidding: Write your best cover letter ever, being very specific regarding the said project, and stating exactly why you are perfect for the job. Remember the ABC’s of writing: accuracy, brevity, and conciseness.

  1. Once you’ve got the hang of working as a freelancer, continue to build your portfolio and engage into long-term jobs on earning online if you are committed. This shall give you sufficient feedback scores to entice other clients to hire you. You are now a full-fledged online executive!
  2. Master these basics. Don’t forget to run through the other essentials to develop your craft. If you are into photography, learn to create more eye-catching photos and sell them at free-stockphotos.com and other stock photos sites.
  3. Do not forget to set up your own payment hub online. Paypal, Alertpay, Xoom, and other financial portals offer their services for you to send and receive payments online and through your ATM/Bank account.

Now, these five tips are just some of the basic tips to help you in earning online. It’s really up to you as to how you will make this possible.

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Most of the industries have gone from manual to automated processes. It is very evident how much technology has changed our daily transactions. Most of personal and business transactions we do are electronic now. Most, if not all of the households have at least one personal computer at home.

Before, the internet was merely used to store information. Now, you can shop, bank, sell, advertise among many others already. The business sector has started taking advantage of the internet also. From setting up their online work spaces to marketing their products, the internet has been the most useful tool so far in the 20th century.

A lot of marketing tools now invade the worldwide web. Before, they were merely posters, videos and links. Now, a lot of many other ways to market and advertise are available for almost any business minded internet user.

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Off to My Dream Job: To the Nazareth Formation House

Four days have passed since we went to the Nazareth Formation House to inquire about their program and their job vacancies. I saw their post at www.jobsiland.com a few days ago before going there, and true enough, I realized that it was really the job of my dreams.

To care for various personalities, counsel, and to devote a life with meaning ... This is my primary aim. I don't want to live just for nothing. In fact, my life was always lived to spend days away from idleness.

I definitely hate it when I am doing nothing. Sure, I do need to take a break and take some hours away from my current work (freelance writing/editing/outsourcing), but whenever I see my email inbox without new messages, or when I seem to run out of things to do, I think again and try to do something. Perhaps its plain OC-ness, but I can't help it.

And so now I try to see myself out-of-the-box and venture onto another league. Dealing mostly with the personality/psychological issues of others, I deem that this stint I am eying on is very much my line of work.

Not that I am not patronizing my college course, but hey, we've also got a Psychiatric Nursing subject and field in our course. It's just a different field, mainly because I won't be in the hospital (which most nurses opt for).

Why Not a Hospital?
I kind of see it as not my type of work. Period. A hospital is a place where we get to do routine tasks, meet different people who have certain medical conditions, and in the long run, we bump across different patients. There's no continuity (oh maybe there is, but the main goal is primarily to aid the sick or well; to rehabilitate them onto a better condition).

Likewise, I think that for me to work in a hospital, I have to basically be in the zone. Sure, I may have went through OJTs and all, but along the course of trainings, I really can't imagine myself being in this workplace. And so I find the therapeutic center like the Nazareth Formation House as the place where I belong.

It's not that I am not flexible or so, but why will I force myself to do things I really don't want to do? In the first place, I will be the one to suffer in the end if I don't listen to my heart.

Besides, I will still be caring for people in this place of work. It's just another venue. A paradise. A haven for people like me who yearns for caring too.


For inquiries on writing services, suggestions, and comments, you may contact:


About Me

Born to a family of brave men and women, I have learned how to be disciplined in a way that only the toughest will endure. It has been a legacy, rooting from my grandfathers, father, and other relatives -- thus, the epic story of my life unfolds.

[to be continued]

Coeline-ish tips

Tip of the Day:


to be filled in


"May Bukas Pa" tops the night with inspiring finale

“May Bukas Pa,” a hit teleserye from ABS-CBN, just shot off its finale episode tonight, Feb. 5, 2010 – catching avid fans’ hearts with its surprising ending.

Santino, the “miracle boy,” truly captured the viewers’ hearts with his littlest antics and most likely due to his special connection with “Bro,” the personification of Jesus Christ.

Santino braved all the odds that come his way, facing plights involving kidnappers, plagues, greedy businessmen, gambling lords, evil mistresses, and other villains. Together with his numerous “fathers,” titos, titas, ates, kuyas, and pals, Santino conquered every challenge.

As I can vividly recall, the little Santino had to confront the then-cold hearted city mayor Enrique (Albert Martinez) due to his dread for the monks who don’t get along with his worldly plans. Wanting to build a casino resort to soothe his materialistic plans, he tried to bring Santino and the fathers down. With his wife Malena, he did whatever he can to bring to reality all of his visions.

But with Santino’s natural instincts to follow whatever Bro tells him, and out of his kind heart, even Mayor Enrique was touched in the end. Likewise, Enrique later learned that Santino is his son.

The wonder kid’s journey of transforming Barrio Pag-Asa went on and on. Throughout the teleserye’s plot, he encountered different personalities who had their own dilemmas, all of which Santino tried to solve. With God’s help, every life he touched turned out to be healed. And so they all found refuge in Santino’s arms.

Candid Moments of May Bukas Pa

Our family never fails to watch “May Bukas Pa”. Every night after dinner, we would tune in to what may happen next to Santino. We would joke about Santino, always being kidnapped, the kids stowing away, and with Santino, meeting new people every now and then.

However, what makes us laugh the most are as follow:

- the chismosas – Kimberly, Jennifer, and Rosalie (who would always bring the townsfolk with news of all sorts). They will go everyday to Baby and Atong’s (Arlene Muhlach and Ogie Diaz) store to spread their latest chika. And as usual, Atong would ask the three to layas! On and on, this would occur, but everyday too, they would return to the store to tell the latest chismax.

Mga tagapagsalansan ng delata – the other characters, this time, the extras who caught our attention, are the tagapagsalansan ng de lata at Atong and Baby’s store. Everyday, they will be featured at the teleserye, still fixing the canned goods and bigas (seemingly never-ending fixing).

Hepe – The head of the police task force at Bagong Pag-asa is also one of the characters who catches our attention. We remember him as being a seemingly kontrabida at first as he would always be against Mario (Tonton Gutierrez), who is against the mayor. He will usually be clothed with a bib on his chest while eating fried chicken.

Nevertheless, May Bukas Pa will always be a part of us, even if it has ended already.


Congrats to all November 2009 Nursing board passers

thanks to God coz I and the other 37, 526 takers passed the November 2009 Nursing board exams...

see inquirer.net, filipinonurse.blogspot.com, and other related sites for more details


From iPhones to Writing: Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts

iPhones are all the range today and so are the desires of many who wish to have this delectable treat. And so while working on some articles about iPhones for a certain client, I usually think about the time I will be having this phone.

An iPhone just seems so far from reality as of now, but hopefully, later on, when I have the budget, I can soon afford one. Or perhaps a newer trend shall arise and will captivate my senses once more.

True enough, this is just one of my aspirations when it comes to the techie world. Gone were the days when I am just waiting for my parents’ allowance (which I would keep earnestly) and wait for the day when I can buy a book for 200 pesos. Now, I can readily avail of my most prized books, jewelries, clothes, foodstuffs, and many others. Even though they are not as expensive as those that millionaires buy, still, I still enjoy the fruits of my labor.

All these are brought about by my love for writing. Yes, even though I graduated from Nursing, I am also a writer by my own right. That was May 2009 when I first experienced earning through writing via the Internet.

Craigslist.com – This was the platform I made use of when I tried looking for a writing job after graduation. Actually, during those times, I was still reviewing for the November 2009 Nursing board exams. But since I was also trying to come up with a way to collect a sum of money to pay for the remaining balance at school, I have decided to apply for a writing job.

Alas, my application was accepted and for the first time, I received my first writing assignment. I was given a total of 4000 words to write a day. Materials were given to be rewritten and so I got a headstart and learned the workings of the business somehow.

But after 9 days, I thought of giving up on the assignments as I cannot manage anymore. I realized that I cannot go on the writing tasks with the pay not as much as I thought equals the work.

Nonetheless, for experience, I am still thankful of the experience. That was just the beginning of a plight that I thought would never come. After that, I pursued some more projects from various clients. By scouting the Net and still using Craigslist as my job site platform, I managed to find more jobs. The pay increased. At that time, I got to receive around $1.5 per 500 words. Time came and that increased to $2.50. Today, the regular rate comes at $4 per 500 words and $3.50 for bulk orders (write in a comment here below for more details).

I learned how to write e-books, website articles, spins, SEO articles, and even delved into internet marketing. Through the help of my friendly clients, I likewise got onto managing my own team of writers as much as I took on writing assignments on my own.

As they say, hard work does it. And so that’s absolutely true. With the experiences I have had with writing for web content, e-books, and other articles, I’ve learned to keep track of my strengths, putting them to good use, while at the same time, honing others’ capabilities to develop a nation that’s efficient in writing their heart out.

Sometimes it can be pretty tough too, for with the endless streams of writers and clients having their own personalities and skills, I have to face the truth: that patience and professional approaches do wonders.

One time, I encountered writers who just can’t communicate that well with regards their true situation. There are some who flake off, letting me know that they did not make it to the deadline because of PTA meetings (had to substitute for their parents), his sister was sick, and a whole lot more. In the end, I had to choose too. Will I tolerate these reasons and be as nice as ever? Or will I be so strict that the writer won’t dare email me again?

I’ve come to a conclusion that time when I’ve had enough – that writers do have their own reasons, but when it comes to professional work, it’s either you give in or you give up. You give in because of humane treatments. You give up because your patience runs out and you try to keep up to a normal person’s routines.

Well, well, well… I have done those instincts before. But trust me, they never work in the long run. Procrastination may be hard to beat, but with practice, you’ll get used to the habit of just typing whatever comes to your mind at zero minutes at all.

Still living it out, I guess. The times are changing now and my writing career seems to flourish still. At the same time, I get a feeling that I am also destined to make it as a nurse/psychologist/psychiatrist someday, but deep inside, I know I am still a writer. Nothing more, nothing less.


Friday Thoughts -- One Text Says It All

Got a text message today and was at first hesitant to read it, but after digesting the message, I felt blessed and inspired to go further (even if my right shoulder is still aching!)

Here is the text message from a text friend:

One day, the villagers decided to pray for rain. On the day of prayer everyone gathered and only one 1 boy came with an umbrella.

That's FAITH.

When you throw a 1 year old baby in the air, he laughs because he knows you will catch him.

That's TRUST.

Every night we go to bed we're not sure that we'll get up tomorrow, but we still have many plans for the coming day.

That's HOPE.

Have faith, trust in GOD and never lose hope.


Indeed, times may come when God may seem to abandon us. I for one, also get that feeling that sometimes, life is unfair and that I just don't have a good future ahead. I don't get what I want and that God will not give me what I simply want.

But I soon come to realize, God is just so good that He does not want me to come unprepared. I want something that is not yet ripe to be harvested. I still need to grow and in time, if it will come, it will come.

Things are often like that. We want something but the timing is not right. True enough, it takes patience, perseverance, and complete trust and faith that everyday, we can survive every challenge. It may thus be tiring, but in the long run, patience pays off.

I do felt like comparing myself with other people and end up unhappy. That was one of my biggest mistakes. I should not envy others for having such life, for I believe that they too have miseries which make them look at me and sigh, perhaps thinking that they also want to have a life like mine.

Making everyday count. I now value this practice that serves as the key to a fulfilling life. Never keep your mind idle, for as the saying goes, "An idle mind is the devil's workshop."

I saw that post at a church's store and now am applying that to stay away from the ill works of the Fallen Ones. Think about plainly doing nothing and letting time pass in vain. Isn't that leading you off your true mission? All brought by keeping yourself preoccupied with insane thoughts... which in truth must be banished.


November 2009 Nursing Board Exams Results -- Coming Soon!

The November 2009 Nursing board exams results are one of the most searched throughout the first quarter of 2010 by first-timers and re-takers alike. Held last November 29 and 30, 2009 at different provinces and at the National Capital Region, the examinations brought out various feelings of tension, anxiety, and stress to test-takers and families alike.

Being one of those first-timers, I do feel the stress that is most likely the result of thinking about whatever the outcome might be. The November 2009 Nursing board exams may have been downright over, but the thoughts that fill one's head whenever we think about how the exams may result to do make us feel like there is nothing else we can do but relax. And did I say, relax?

While waiting for the November 2009 Nursing board exams results, I find myself wandering through another journey yet to unfold. Because of the hurly-burly crowd of nurses waiting for their own stints here and abroad, I wonder, how in the world will we be able to find a spot somewhere (if ever there really is a somewhere out there).

Try to think of it. How many nurses in the Philippines today have a job? Are they compensated well? Are they receiving the same amount that is due for their untiring labor of love? It's for you to judge, but as for me, I still believe that there's hope for a country that has a lot of hope to succeed at whatever it dreams of.

The November 2009 Nursing board exams results may be some days away, I have heard, but I think the best to be done is to just hope for the best and yet still accept whatever has been given. After all, we are the masters of our destiny. Whatever has been given has its own purpose.

For the hopefuls out there, and for those who just want to learn about the results of the November 2009 Nursing board examinations, subscribe to my mailing list.

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