Reparenting Your Inner Child: Healing Old Wounds for a Promising Future

Contrary to many people who believe in ideal childhood, many adults were raised by less than ideal parents in sometimes, less than ideal circumstances. Various adults experience a sense of loss, disconnect and even estrangement from their parents in their childhood years. This collapse of relationship between parent and child is expected from unforeseen situations and factors in the relationship. 

For grown adults, these festering feelings do not help with their psyche and their emotional well-being. Sometimes, it may also lead down the road to a less than ideal relationship with their future children. To prevent and resolve this, reparenting oneself is a solution for any concerned adult.


Often, the main cause of loss and estrangement from parents is the parents themselves. The parents’ situation before one’s birth might have caused damaging influence to the child, and in extension, their well-being. Parents who were young and those who experienced negative situations like unpreparedness, being overwhelmed, depressed, angry, insecure, anxious, unhappy, stressed, or too burdened for parenthood can place a distance between them and their child. Extreme behavior from parents can also be a cause; if they are too strict, too indulgent too permissive, overprotective, or dysfunctional. Carrying on an ineffectual parenting style can also be a red flag. 

A lot of parents do not realize that their children’s self-esteem is intensely impacted by many things. A child’s exposure to attitudes, behaviors and treatments they receive from their parents have a massive effect on the child, especially their self-esteem and self-worth. Often, children who have negative experiences like being discounted, unsupported, accused, ridiculed, rebuffed, ignored shamed or belittled will create a negative perception.  And this negative impression will stick and grow with them as time passes. 

There is no clamor to be a ‘perfect parent’ because it’s highly unattainable and very subjective. For a child to grow healthy and strong in many areas – physical, mental, emotional and other facets– parents are encouraged to use positive child-rearing practices.

Reparenting the Child Within 

There is a saying that one cannot choose one’s parents; for many children with a distant relationship with their parents, this would definitely apply. In many cases, it is very hard to parent or change the parent.  Often, it is up to the person to start the change. This is the core of Reparenting the Child Within, a series of workshops by RCW Cares Foundation.

Reparenting the Child Within is a “careshop” for people who are nursing childhood injuries for years. The proponents, led by Ms. Harriet Hormillosa, MA, MTS, PD, RGC, PhDc., Founder-President, aim to empower people and enable them to be productive about their past and their future. They believe that developing one's personal power is possible by knowing oneself better.

Participants are encouraged to take charge of their past, present, and future by healing childhood hurts. The workshop also hopes that every participant will feel whole and complete about themselves with the resolution of their issues. 

Reparenting the Child Within is a two to three-day seminar-workshop on healing hurts from childhood. The program features a support group that will also be a guide to the path of grief work, forgiveness and personal completion. Consequently, freedom to enjoy fullness of life is the main endgame.

They say that one cannot change the past. But the future can be changed. Change is always possible but it’s best coming from within. This process is not easy; nonetheless, it’s worth it. Reparenting the Child Within epitomizes not just empowerment but also a positive step to one’s future.

Be the change or an instrument by inviting yourself, family, friends and other interested people to attend this life-changing seminar. Next session will be on the 16th to 18th of September 2016. Reserve your slot today and be the best you ever! 

Feel free to share with your friends and loved ones (25 y.o. and above) this exciting opportunity to empower oneself. Call (02) 436-0710 / (02) 426-6832, email rcw_foundation@yahoo.com, or visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RCWCares/?fref=ts