Writing for the Web Introduction - Importance of Online Content

Why should you create web content? What makes web content valuable to brands and businesses? Learn by watching this video.


Get Creative! Design Your Own Kicks and Win Shopping Money from SM

Comfort is the thing that runs in the fashion world today.  Walking and running shoes have become an inevitable part of any wardrobe and they have become more fashionable as ever. With this, SM introduced Kicks - the new SM brand that carries its sneakers and canvass shoes for ladies, making walking around more comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

What’s more beautiful about Kicks is that it can be customized by the wearer.  Whether it is acrylic paints, beads or patches, it is not impossible to emanate the wearer’s individuality with Kicks.  With this, SM Store will be staging the Design Your Own Kicks event this coming Sunday at The Events Center of SM City Lipa.  Those who would want to join this activity should first buy their Kicks shoes and art materials from SM on their selling activity on August 20 which is also at the Events Center.  Once the purchase is made, participants may register their names in the allotted registration area and wait until the start of the DIY activity at 2pm. 

Five on the spot winners shall receive their 2nd pair of Kicks shoes and by just posting their entry on Instagram using the hashtag #StrpUpWithKicksXLipa 2 winners will have a chance to win 5000 pesos worth of SM Shopping Money.  The criteria for judging includes 30% creativity, 25% originality, 25% Overall Impact/Appeal (Neatness, Quality, Color Harmony) and 20% use of SM Stationery. Instagram winners shall be announced on August 25.


How I Started Writing | Writing with Celine

This is my writing story. I started dreaming of being a writer ever since I was a kid. I imagined myself writing fairy tales, legends, and simple kids stories at ages 3 to 5, enjoyed creating make-believe characters through the tales told by my parents, Yaya, and titos (eg. Habana and Iksina by Tito Teody Valdez), loved listening to storytelling sessions by Tito Vic Villacorte, Tito Uly Tumpalan, Tito Bong de Lima and others.
From 6 to 9 years old, I also imagined myself joining the campus magazine (Bakas). I tried writing poems and submitted one to the editorial team when I was in Grade 3. Thankfully, they published my poem entitled "Gift of God"!
At 10 years old, I was fortunate to have been accepted as staffer of Bakas (Balita at Kaganapan sa La Salle), with Sir Erwin V. Magnaye and Mrs. Myrna de Castro as our moderators. There, I've learned how to sharpen my writing to fit the elementary school audience. I've enjoyed attending workshops, learned the old-school styles of journalism (vividly recalling how we used to use Manila papers for the mockup/layout of the magazine), attending poetry reading, and other training sessions.
11 to 13 years old, I felt like my calling was indeed for the Literary Section. From Grades 5 to 6, I handled the Literary Section of Bakas, while when I was in 1st Yr HS, I was accepted as part of Stallion Pen, the Literary Folio (as Managing Editor). Those were the days! Writing poems, stories, and other essays proved to be worth the while. I've met National Artist Prof. Cirilo Bautista, Sir Fredevel Bruce Banaag and other campus journalists (who I did not know that time will be dear to my heart come College).
From 14 to 16 years old, I did not pursue writing in school that much. I thought that I'd be better off trying new avenues (such as playing the piano and joining the book lovers' club). True enough, I did learn new skills, met new students and teachers and found myself exploring my other talents and interests.
However, as College years went by, I realized that I did miss writing. And so I applied as a writer for Lavoxa (Lasallian Voices in Action), De La Salle Lipa's college school paper. There I met Sir Bruce Banaag, Sir Joe Macatangay and Ms Cherie Cabungcal (our advisers for some year(s)), together with other campus journalists. Together, we helped each other in honing our skills, learned core disciplines that journalists must possess. We competed against other schools, as well as with ourselves to come up with pieces that inform, inspire and move fellow students. The experiences we went through did not only contribute to our prowess in our respective fields, but more so helped us become well-rounded individuals... all through the help of the Lord, our mentors and our support systems.
Truly, writing, just like other disciplines, is not an overnight feat. We do not wake up realizing we're already pros. It takes determination, grit, life-long learning, perseverance, humility, and a lot more! Writing is not just about concocting recipes out of words for the sake of a byline; it is on preparing a meal for the family by pouring our hearts out through words that satisfy the soul. 


Freelance Websites - Upwork - Writing with Celine

Upwork… it is has been a favorite of mine since 2009 most especially since it is where I get hourly and fixed gigs in writing and other fields. Yes, aside from writing, I also try to apply for marketing, virtual assistance, and other fields where I can use my skills and knowledge. Their system allows me to choose among those jobs from clients with verified payment methods (hence ensuring that I’ll be getting paid for great work) and be informed if I want to take the risk of applying for jobs from those with unverified payment methods.

Likewise, upwork is great for those with proven track records for previous jobs. So far, I do receive application invites – meaning, I get the chance to be interviewed by clients themselves if they see my profile as a fit to their job post. Right now, since I’m also working as a part-time instructor at a school here in the Philippines, I just maintain two regular hourly Upwork gigs (at a total of 7 to 12 hours a week) with a rate of $12 and $9 per hour for the two jobs, respectively. Not bad, especially as I’m from the Philippines. A higher rate would be much appreciated, but since this is a regular gig, it’s really a huge improvement since the time I started freelancing, wherein I received an equivalent of only Php6,000 a month for a total of 100,000 words a month (yup, that’s indeed a lot, right?)


Writing with Celine | Who are You Writing for? (Your Audience)

Determining your audience when writing is a must. By getting to know your readers, you'll have an easier time writing, plus a more effective article/essay. Learn the techniques in learning more about your readers by watching this video. Enjoy!


Save time in writing! (The Writing Process) | Writing with Celine

Writing can be burdensome for many. But with smart strategies, you can also save time or be efficient and effective in the writing game! Get to learn time-tested and proven techniques to ace your writing assignments, projects and more.


Little Known Game of Thrones Season 7 Facts about Dragonstone to Get You through Another Day of Waiting

The upcoming season of Game of Thrones (Season 7) is just a day away, and we at Happy Daily PH are absolutely giddy about it! To celebrate the return of our beloved series, we’ve rounded up some cool and interesting facts you might want to take note of as you prepare for this coming season. (Warning: Some possible spoilers ahead!)

The first three titles for this season have been released, the first of which is “Dragonstone”. Fans have been speculating on its significance, hence come some theories. Let’s now take a look at what it could possibly mean.

First, Dragonstone is the island where Daenerys sets foot first upon arriving at Westeros, after sailing from Essos in the finale of Season 6. Found at the Blackwater Bay’s mouth, Dragonstone is top class especially when one tries to reach Westeros.

Dragonstone had a fine and memorable history, most especially since this was where Aegon the Conqueror staged grounds to conquer the Seven Kingdoms. And even before Aegon’s rule, the Valyrians already considered this as their westernmost outpost. The Valyrians were known for their fearsome metallurgy and magic – also leading them to create Valyrian steel, then utilized to establish the island’s stronghold, a splendid castle with dragons as decorations.

After 200 years, House Targaryen’s little Daenys (from a minor house in Old Valyria), dreamed about Valyria’s doom through a cataclysmic happening that would destroy the whole empire as well as the dragons. With this, Aenar, her father, decided on their evacuation to Dragonstone to secure their family. True enough, 12 years after, the Doom did occur and damaged Valyria. Fortunately, the Targaryens survived after having relocated at Dragonstone, thus preserving their lineage.

Following six generations, Aegon, a Targaryen prince, traveled to the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and dreamed of uniting them all into one continent. He, together with his sister-wives and their dragons, went to the different kingdoms and were successful in uniting them. Aegon had a stronghold developed at the Blackwater Rush’s mouth, the Aegonfort, to be able to head Westeros from the mainland. Later on, a city was developed from the fort, then constructed into a huge castle – then known to be King’s Landing together with the Red Keep.

As the Targaryen rulers dominated Westeros for the next centuries, the rulers moved to King’s Landing from Dragonstone. Their rule lasted for about 300 years until Robert’s Rebellion took place and when Jaime Lannister pierced the Mad King Aerys’ back.

Prior to King Aerys’ death, he ordered that his sister-wife Queen Rhaella be sent to Dragonstone for safety. During that period, they had two sons and she was pregnant with a daughter. Prince Rhaegar, however, was killed during the Battle of Trident, while Viserys was just a small boy. Upon reaching Dragonstone, on a stormy evening (the strongest one during that time) Rhaella gave birth to a baby girl she named Daenerys (hence, Daeny got the nickname “Stormborn”, also the title of GOT Season 7’s second episode).

-- Images Courtesy of Flickr