Off to My Dream Job: To the Nazareth Formation House

Four days have passed since we went to the Nazareth Formation House to inquire about their program and their job vacancies. I saw their post at www.jobsiland.com a few days ago before going there, and true enough, I realized that it was really the job of my dreams.

To care for various personalities, counsel, and to devote a life with meaning ... This is my primary aim. I don't want to live just for nothing. In fact, my life was always lived to spend days away from idleness.

I definitely hate it when I am doing nothing. Sure, I do need to take a break and take some hours away from my current work (freelance writing/editing/outsourcing), but whenever I see my email inbox without new messages, or when I seem to run out of things to do, I think again and try to do something. Perhaps its plain OC-ness, but I can't help it.

And so now I try to see myself out-of-the-box and venture onto another league. Dealing mostly with the personality/psychological issues of others, I deem that this stint I am eying on is very much my line of work.

Not that I am not patronizing my college course, but hey, we've also got a Psychiatric Nursing subject and field in our course. It's just a different field, mainly because I won't be in the hospital (which most nurses opt for).

Why Not a Hospital?
I kind of see it as not my type of work. Period. A hospital is a place where we get to do routine tasks, meet different people who have certain medical conditions, and in the long run, we bump across different patients. There's no continuity (oh maybe there is, but the main goal is primarily to aid the sick or well; to rehabilitate them onto a better condition).

Likewise, I think that for me to work in a hospital, I have to basically be in the zone. Sure, I may have went through OJTs and all, but along the course of trainings, I really can't imagine myself being in this workplace. And so I find the therapeutic center like the Nazareth Formation House as the place where I belong.

It's not that I am not flexible or so, but why will I force myself to do things I really don't want to do? In the first place, I will be the one to suffer in the end if I don't listen to my heart.

Besides, I will still be caring for people in this place of work. It's just another venue. A paradise. A haven for people like me who yearns for caring too.


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[to be continued]

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