What a Day! (ATMs and mixed thoughts)

What a day it really is... It all started with my ATM money being debited and so I cannot get the supposed-to-be Php 4000 for my writers and for my salary.

Upon being early at Robinson's Place Lipa today at around past 9 am, after accompanying my mother to the supermarket, I rushed to the ATM to get my money, but unfortunately, as I tried to inquire my balance, there came a Transaction Cannot be Processed sign flashed. I was not contented and so I tried to withdraw. Again, the message flashed. From that, I stopped transacting and got my card out.

I tried to withdraw from the other ATM machines at the mall and became unsuccessful in the transactions. From there, I soon had the chance to withdraw Php 1000 from the BDO ATM but was shocked to learn that I only had Php 360+ left in my ATM.

In awe with what I discovered, I hurried to my brother and mother to tell the news. They advised me to try again and so I did. But still, the balance remained as is. Later on, we decided to inquire from my bank itself (Unionbank). From there, we have learned that there might have been a possibility that my account had been debited due to their offline system a while ago. So that explains it, I thought. I just hoped that I wasn't hit by a modus operandi or so.

Well, Php 4000 is 4000, so I just wish that it wouldn't vanish just like that. I just learned a lesson from that incident: that it is better not to get too excited when withdrawing. It is also better to be sure of your balance (whether you can really transact or not), before you can actually withdraw.