Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 10 Recap – Surprises, Surprises, Surprises! (Well, Not All…)

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!!! Read at your own peril

At long last (or so I thought), GoT fans had a hard time breathing during the last episode of its 6th season. Finally, besides the great reveal (more about this later), it was clear that viewers had a lot to be mind-boggled about for 10 months as the series was about to unfold several revelations and unexpected turnout of events.

But before that, let’s review what transpired at the finale (The Winds of Winter), shall we?

If only they’ve listened to Margaery L
I couldn’t forget what happened to Margaery and the rest of the gang there at the Great Sept. By using the excess wildfire of the Mad King, Cersei was able to seek what I saw as revenge (at the expense of her Tommen, who committed suicide upon being struck by grief – learning that he had lost Margaery and countless others in the fire).

Image Courtesy of zerda-vulpes.deviantart.com

Margaery may have already had an inkling of what was about to transpire since then-King Tommen was still not around during the trial, and so was Cersei. Something fishy, eh??
Lo and behold! Her hunch was correct. Something terrible was about (and did) to happen at the Great Sept. I’m not sure if someone survived the fire, but it seems like no one did (except of course, if someone was able to escape the fiery wrath). That’s what we’re about to find out!

The scene ended with Jaime returning to King’s Landing – seemingly dismayed with the crowning of Cersei as Queen of the Andals and protector of the Seven Kingdoms. Now, would the second prophecy be fulfilled too? (about Cersei being killed by her younger brother?)

Hail the King of the Norf!!!

YOU KNOW NOTHING, JON SNOW! (Image Courtesy of YouTube)

Despite the events at King’s Landing, there’s still something to celebrate with the finale episode of GoT.

Jon Snow, though not yet formally hailed as king, had the time of his life as his allies (that to include Lyanna Mormont (she rocks!), joined in the bandwagon and proclaimed their belief in him. Not a surprise already, but this, hopefully would be the fulfillment of the “Ice” in the book title’s “A Song of Ice and Fire”. Got a clue now as to who is the “Fire” in the tandem?

Lyanna FTW!

The Last Tyrell Standing
Image Courtesy of YouTube

Thankfully, we can still see more of a living Tyrell in the guise of Olenna, Margaery’s grandma, as she met with Ellaria Sand in Dorne. Remember the fierce Sands? Varys was also there – making it more evident as to who are allies. Watch out, Cersei!

Welcome Back, Sam!
Image Courtesy of YouTube

It’s been a while since we last saw Sam in the episode. Thus, in his comeback, we now saw him visiting Citadel to inform them about his being maester. A short scene though, it seems like there’s more in store for dear Sammie (with Gilly and the baby).

Daenerys’ Face Launches a Thousand Ships
Image Courtesy of YouTube
Off to the sea in Meereen, the Mother of Dragons set sailing with the Greyjoys, the returning Varys, and Tyrion. Excited for their conquest, are we? We’ve got till next year to uncover what’s to happen with the “fire” in the ice and fire equation.

L + R = J
Image Courtesy of seridian.deviantart.com

And yes, the rumors are true! The formula has been brought to life through Bran Stark’s vision of Ned at the Tower of Joy. Having seen the dying Lyanna Stark with the young Ned handing a baby boy, Bran had seen Lyanna pleading to Ned about a promise he should stand by – which, I believe would have to be to take care of Jon Snow and to never let anyone know about his origins.

Arya’s Great Revenge
Image Courtesy of YouTube

GoT is indeed filled with surprises. With the previous events rolling and leaving me gasping for air, I nearly forgot about Arya… until… she took off her mask of a servant girl and revealed to Walder Frey that what he was eating were his two children’s remains. And, as expected, Arya crossed out his name from her list by slitting Walder’s throat. What a way to seek vengeance for her mother and brother Rob’s death during the “Red Wedding”.

We presume more surprises with Season 7 on April 2017 but since that’s still around 10 months from now, it’s best to just keep our excitement at bay and wait until then. Well, as for me, I’d rather read more of the previous books, re-watch the previous seasons and read more trivia about the series. Truly an exciting GoT feat, don’t you think?

What do you think? Any thoughts on the next happenings in the world of Game of Thrones? Share them below!


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