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Reparenting Your Inner Child: Healing Old Wounds for a Promising Future

Contrary to many people who believe in ideal childhood, many adults were raised by less than ideal parents in sometimes, less than ideal circumstances. Various adults experience a sense of loss, disconnect and even estrangement from their parents in their childhood years. This collapse of relationship between parent and child is expected from unforeseen situations and factors in the relationship. 

For grown adults, these festering feelings do not help with their psyche and their emotional well-being. Sometimes, it may also lead down the road to a less than ideal relationship with their future children. To prevent and resolve this, reparenting oneself is a solution for any concerned adult.


Often, the main cause of loss and estrangement from parents is the parents themselves. The parents’ situation before one’s birth might have caused damaging influence to the child, and in extension, their well-being. Parents who were young and those who experienced negative situations like unpreparedness, being overwhelmed, depressed, angry, insecure, anxious, unhappy, stressed, or too burdened for parenthood can place a distance between them and their child. Extreme behavior from parents can also be a cause; if they are too strict, too indulgent too permissive, overprotective, or dysfunctional. Carrying on an ineffectual parenting style can also be a red flag. 

A lot of parents do not realize that their children’s self-esteem is intensely impacted by many things. A child’s exposure to attitudes, behaviors and treatments they receive from their parents have a massive effect on the child, especially their self-esteem and self-worth. Often, children who have negative experiences like being discounted, unsupported, accused, ridiculed, rebuffed, ignored shamed or belittled will create a negative perception.  And this negative impression will stick and grow with them as time passes. 

There is no clamor to be a ‘perfect parent’ because it’s highly unattainable and very subjective. For a child to grow healthy and strong in many areas – physical, mental, emotional and other facets– parents are encouraged to use positive child-rearing practices.

Reparenting the Child Within 

There is a saying that one cannot choose one’s parents; for many children with a distant relationship with their parents, this would definitely apply. In many cases, it is very hard to parent or change the parent.  Often, it is up to the person to start the change. This is the core of Reparenting the Child Within, a series of workshops by RCW Cares Foundation.

Reparenting the Child Within is a “careshop” for people who are nursing childhood injuries for years. The proponents, led by Ms. Harriet Hormillosa, MA, MTS, PD, RGC, PhDc., Founder-President, aim to empower people and enable them to be productive about their past and their future. They believe that developing one's personal power is possible by knowing oneself better.

Participants are encouraged to take charge of their past, present, and future by healing childhood hurts. The workshop also hopes that every participant will feel whole and complete about themselves with the resolution of their issues. 

Reparenting the Child Within is a two to three-day seminar-workshop on healing hurts from childhood. The program features a support group that will also be a guide to the path of grief work, forgiveness and personal completion. Consequently, freedom to enjoy fullness of life is the main endgame.

They say that one cannot change the past. But the future can be changed. Change is always possible but it’s best coming from within. This process is not easy; nonetheless, it’s worth it. Reparenting the Child Within epitomizes not just empowerment but also a positive step to one’s future.

Be the change or an instrument by inviting yourself, family, friends and other interested people to attend this life-changing seminar. Next session will be on the 16th to 18th of September 2016. Reserve your slot today and be the best you ever! 

Feel free to share with your friends and loved ones (25 y.o. and above) this exciting opportunity to empower oneself. Call (02) 436-0710 / (02) 426-6832, email rcw_foundation@yahoo.com, or visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RCWCares/?fref=ts 


Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 10 Recap – Surprises, Surprises, Surprises! (Well, Not All…)

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!!! Read at your own peril

At long last (or so I thought), GoT fans had a hard time breathing during the last episode of its 6th season. Finally, besides the great reveal (more about this later), it was clear that viewers had a lot to be mind-boggled about for 10 months as the series was about to unfold several revelations and unexpected turnout of events.

But before that, let’s review what transpired at the finale (The Winds of Winter), shall we?

If only they’ve listened to Margaery L
I couldn’t forget what happened to Margaery and the rest of the gang there at the Great Sept. By using the excess wildfire of the Mad King, Cersei was able to seek what I saw as revenge (at the expense of her Tommen, who committed suicide upon being struck by grief – learning that he had lost Margaery and countless others in the fire).

Image Courtesy of zerda-vulpes.deviantart.com

Margaery may have already had an inkling of what was about to transpire since then-King Tommen was still not around during the trial, and so was Cersei. Something fishy, eh??
Lo and behold! Her hunch was correct. Something terrible was about (and did) to happen at the Great Sept. I’m not sure if someone survived the fire, but it seems like no one did (except of course, if someone was able to escape the fiery wrath). That’s what we’re about to find out!

The scene ended with Jaime returning to King’s Landing – seemingly dismayed with the crowning of Cersei as Queen of the Andals and protector of the Seven Kingdoms. Now, would the second prophecy be fulfilled too? (about Cersei being killed by her younger brother?)

Hail the King of the Norf!!!

YOU KNOW NOTHING, JON SNOW! (Image Courtesy of YouTube)

Despite the events at King’s Landing, there’s still something to celebrate with the finale episode of GoT.

Jon Snow, though not yet formally hailed as king, had the time of his life as his allies (that to include Lyanna Mormont (she rocks!), joined in the bandwagon and proclaimed their belief in him. Not a surprise already, but this, hopefully would be the fulfillment of the “Ice” in the book title’s “A Song of Ice and Fire”. Got a clue now as to who is the “Fire” in the tandem?

Lyanna FTW!

The Last Tyrell Standing
Image Courtesy of YouTube

Thankfully, we can still see more of a living Tyrell in the guise of Olenna, Margaery’s grandma, as she met with Ellaria Sand in Dorne. Remember the fierce Sands? Varys was also there – making it more evident as to who are allies. Watch out, Cersei!

Welcome Back, Sam!
Image Courtesy of YouTube

It’s been a while since we last saw Sam in the episode. Thus, in his comeback, we now saw him visiting Citadel to inform them about his being maester. A short scene though, it seems like there’s more in store for dear Sammie (with Gilly and the baby).

Daenerys’ Face Launches a Thousand Ships
Image Courtesy of YouTube
Off to the sea in Meereen, the Mother of Dragons set sailing with the Greyjoys, the returning Varys, and Tyrion. Excited for their conquest, are we? We’ve got till next year to uncover what’s to happen with the “fire” in the ice and fire equation.

L + R = J
Image Courtesy of seridian.deviantart.com

And yes, the rumors are true! The formula has been brought to life through Bran Stark’s vision of Ned at the Tower of Joy. Having seen the dying Lyanna Stark with the young Ned handing a baby boy, Bran had seen Lyanna pleading to Ned about a promise he should stand by – which, I believe would have to be to take care of Jon Snow and to never let anyone know about his origins.

Arya’s Great Revenge
Image Courtesy of YouTube

GoT is indeed filled with surprises. With the previous events rolling and leaving me gasping for air, I nearly forgot about Arya… until… she took off her mask of a servant girl and revealed to Walder Frey that what he was eating were his two children’s remains. And, as expected, Arya crossed out his name from her list by slitting Walder’s throat. What a way to seek vengeance for her mother and brother Rob’s death during the “Red Wedding”.

We presume more surprises with Season 7 on April 2017 but since that’s still around 10 months from now, it’s best to just keep our excitement at bay and wait until then. Well, as for me, I’d rather read more of the previous books, re-watch the previous seasons and read more trivia about the series. Truly an exciting GoT feat, don’t you think?

What do you think? Any thoughts on the next happenings in the world of Game of Thrones? Share them below!


On the Dot Writing Workshop: Blogging Big Time

Businesses today need to stay ahead of their competition. How? Through valuable content. Website content, ebooks, memes, videos, animations, infographics, graphic designs, images. You name it. To build one’s presence online and be known by potential clients, build relationships with current customers, and basically be successful requires consistent, carefully crafted, and compelling content (3Cs of Content).
Blogging Big Time workshop
This is what you’ll learn from this workshop. As a freelancer/student/business owner/professional/curious individual wanting to advance in career, business, or path, you’ll benefit by learning the following:
I. Where You Are – Your Starting Point
  1. What are your goals and objectives with your blog/website (if you have one)?
  2. What would you like to accomplish in the next 6 months, one year, 5 years or more?
  3. How would you define success as a content creator/publisher?
II. Content Creation 101
  1. What are the types of online content you can create or have others create for you?
  2. What are the different platforms where you can publish content that works?
  3. What types of content does your audience love?
III. Content that Works: Creating Engaging Content
  1. How do you target your audience’s hot buttons/pain points?
  2. What’s the most appropriate style, voice, and tone for your content?
  3. What techniques should you adopt to “enchant” your audience and make them ask for more?
IV. Earning Online through Content
  1. What jobs can you take on if you are a content creator?
  2. How will you earn with the use of online content?
V. Your Next Step – Clarifying Your Goals and Working on Them
  1. Your Action Plan
  2. Consultation Sessions
The workshop will be on June 25, Saturday, 9AM to 12NN at the Blue Sapphire Hotel (Carmela Hall, 1/F).

Celine Bernadette Francisco, the speaker, has been a freelance cyberpreneur since 2009 and is the owner of On the Dot Writing, a website providing content writing services to clients here and abroad. She has co-authored the book “Cyberpreneur Philippines”, along with 20 other cyberpreneurs in the country. Currently, she manages various freelance projects – web content writing, virtual assistance, editing, internet marketing, etc. – and assists other cyberpreneurs in starting and strengthening their freelance careers/businesses. She also serves as a Content Strategy Consultant and Chief Content Officer at Head Technologies and Kid Moto, startups in New York.
Join us on this learning adventure and power up your career or business!
Learning investment is only Php500, inclusive of snacks, certificate and worksheets.
Participants may also get the chance to receive Cyberpreneur Philippines books via raffle. Other exciting prizes will also be given away during the workshop!
For inquiries, contact 09399202949 or celine@onthedotwriting.com.
To reserve your slot, fill out this form and send your payment to either of the following bank accounts:

BDO Savings
Account Number: 005 670 218 109
Account Name: Celine Bernadette Francisco

Eon Unionbank
Account Number: 109 451 068 658
Account Name: Celine Bernadette Francisco

Once paid, please scan/take a screenshot of your deposit receipt/confirmation message if via online banking and email to celine@onthedotwriting.com.

Only 30 slots available! Reserve today by filling out this form: http://goo.gl/forms/HxFMTfeQkyrHcqBM2.


Schwarzkopf’s Shaping Future held Hair Fashion Show at SM City Lipa

Lipa City - Thirty women and youngsters were given free hairdressing training by the world renowned beauty care brand Schwarzkopf Professional.  The training is part of Schwarzkopf’s “Shaping Futures”, a unique training program, dedicated to teaching disadvantaged youngsters the craft of hairdressing so they can forge a brighter future for themselves. Its unique training program has powered its growth around the world, with Jordan and the Philippines, two of the five new country additions in 2014.

Receiving the certificate of appreciation are (on the center) SM City Lipa Mall Manager Liza F. Dimaculangan and PR Manager Wendy C. Bautista together with the Schwarzkopf hair specialists from Australia and New Zealand during the culmination event of Shaping Futures.  SM City Lipa have been supporting advocacies in the promotion of welfare for women through SM Supermalls’ SM Cares program.  

The beneficiaries were chosen through Schwarzkopf’s partnership with SOS Children’s Village.  The trainees came from as far as Davao in the south and Bataan in the north.  They were given five modules during the two-week training for which volunteer Schwarzkopf hairstylists from New Zealand and Australia lovingly shared their time and skills in hair cutting, hair perming, hair coloring, hair styling and hair re-bonding.

On May 20, the thirty trainees were given the chance to showcase their newly acquired skills during Shaping Future’s commencement exercises in a hair fashion show at SM City Lipa.  Instead of formal congratulatory handshake which is done during the acceptance of their certificates, the attendees and trainers gratefully hugged each other which was felt by many as a very sincere “thank you” and “good bye”.

Schwarzkopf Shaping Future also provided livelihood starter packs for the training graduates that they can use as they start their new profession as hair dressers.  


9 Reasons Why You Should Take DLSL’s MMT Program

More than a month has passed since our graduation but I can still recall how Master in Management Technology (MMT) has touched my life. De La Salle Lipa’s (DLSL) MMT program, by the way, is the graduate program currently offered by the institution – honing its graduates to become world-class managers and entrepreneurs specializing in technology and its applications.

Having studied MMT for three years, I can truly say that aside from learning new information and skills regarding management (with a touch of technological applications), I have also felt how it was to be part of a new family I call my own: my MMT Dabarkads.

Okay, so, off to the reasons now, shall we?

1.       Make new friends (yes, of various personalities).
From left to right, back, front: Me (Celine), Edel, Nene, Gil, Doris, Richard, and Neno

As an adult program, of course, expect having classmates ages 21 and above. If you desire to mingle with engineers, teachers, accountants, managers, businesspeople, and all sorts of personalities, this is one nice program to be in. Trust me, you’ll never run out of perspectives to hear from your new-found pals. MMT is breeding ground to long-lasting friendships (well, in my case).

2.       Have lasting friendships.
With Mariko, my "eonni"

Even after studying MMT (up to forever, I guess), I guess the friends I made through MMT would last till the end. Never have I anticipated every Saturday for the past three years – with the eagerness to see my classmates. And up to now, we still do chat, text and call each other, hoping to meet again from time to time. Reunions, anyone? J

3.       Be a better employee.

An employee like me has learned quite a lot about business/management through MMT. By studying courses such as Fundamentals of Management, Global Economics, Statistical Research, Strategic Information Technology and Exchange, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Operations/Production Management, Accounting and Financial Management, Environmental Management, Management Ethics, Strategic Management, some electives (ours were Entrepreneurship and Organizational Development), Methods of Research, and Management Technology Reports 1 and 2 (thesis writing), I was able to learn in-depth how I can better contribute to an organization like mine.

4.       Be a better manager.

If you are already at the top ranks of your organization, you’d also benefit from the MMT program by applying the knowledge and skills you’ll be learning about management and business. You’ll explore further the ethical considerations of managers, the ways in which you can still enhance your company’s operations, how you can boost your employees’ morale, how you can manage change within the organization, and lots more. See, I still remember what our profs taught us? Hahaha!

5.       Be an entrepreneur.

Everyone can be an entrepreneur. Yes, that’s what I’ve realized upon taking up one of our electives: Entrepreneurship. It’s one exciting field to be in – provided that you are prepared to take on the adventures that lie ahead. MMT’s Entrepreneurship elective allowed us to create a group business plan and defend it to a group of panelists. Mine, by the way, was named “Space Dot Works”, a co-working space business we envisioned to be set up in Lipa City. Oh, and here’s our mock website for Space Dot Works.

Our mock website home page for Entrep class

6.       Learn vital life skills.

After my thesis defense... at last!!! 
MMT does not only harness knowledge and skills but also life skills: from negotiation, leadership, presentation, time management, organizing, stress management, problem solving, interpersonal communication, and a whole lot more.

7.       Enhance your creativity.

Creativity and innovation sparks your genius. What better way to ignite that spark through collaboration? With the MMT program, you’ll get inspired to unleash those creative juices in you. Got a nice idea for a business? Not a problem, for you have the chance to take even just a tiny step to turn your idea into reality. Got a passion you want to share to the world? You are in good hands. With mentors who will guide you, you can get started with your own biz and what-not.

8.       Develop teamwork.

Being in graduate school is not a one-man thing. There’ll definitely be times when you’ll feel like you wanted to ask yourself, “Why am I studying again? I have already finished College. Why am I still spending long days researching, writing, and submitting projects for school when I have already my work or business?” Again, answering your BIG WHY comes into play here. You might want to check again your motive for studying (again). Is it to get promoted? For a pay raise? To start your own business? Be a better manager? Whatever your reason may be, know that you are not alone. Despite the questions you have in mind, you are lucky to have classmates and professors who can guide you throughout your MMT journey. Well, that’s what happened to us. We have a solid support group serving as our inspiration and guide during the tough days. I’ll never forget my classmates (Mariko, Jen, Claire, Aileen, Marlene, Ate Nene, Ate Hazel, Ate Doris, Neno, Ms Marga, Ms Karenn, Ate Ces, our Kuyas: Edel, Ronald, Billy, Noel, Gil, Richard, Jake, Larry, Juris, and Jerus), my comrades during times when I felt like giving up, my companions whenever we have to stay up late for reporting or for a project. They have been my family for three years and counting. And I’ll never regret having taken the risk of taking my graduate studies at DLSL!

During our first day of class, Fundamentals of Management - with Sir Sanny Leviste, our prof

9.       Be a better you!

In a nutshell, MMT has allowed us to learn new stuff, meet new people and experience adventures like no other. With all those, I’m proud to say that I made it through – one subject at a time – and am bringing with me a fresh perspective of what’s to come. I still may not completely know where I’m heading but I’m positive that I’m going somewhere great!

Special thanks to our MMT professors: Sir Sanny Leviste, Sir Vincent Remo, Dr. Leo Magaling, Sir Exur Gozos, Sir Alan Pagsuyuin, Dean Lani Garachico, Dr. Winnie Dimaano, Dr. Erick Martinez, Dr. Lilian Villanueva, Dr. Nimfa Gamban, Sir Joel Osorio, Sir Boy Castillo, Dr. Gene Panganiban, Dr. Allan Castro, and Engr. Apolinario Carandang for honing us throughout this MMT journey.

Long live DLSL MMT!

Long live MMT Batch 34!!


P.S. To ,earn more about DLSL's MMT program and requirements, visit this page.

The MMT Batch 34 Graduates

The Graduates!

3 years of togetherness...

Best Thesis and Top 3 in the Comprehensive Exam Certificates and Medals
Silver Medal


Stores at SM gave perks to responsible citizens

Patriotism was never felt greater last May 9 during the national and local elections.  With high hopes, people went out to vote for the leaders that they think will make the Philippines a great nation.  In caring for the nation, several stores at SM City Lipa treated those who cared to vote.  Starbucks for instance offered their roasted Caramel and Chocolate Hazelnut Macchiatos in buy one take one.  Fruitas, also offered the same promo to its Coco-line shakes.  Facial services were also marked down to 50% at Forever Flawless.  So, aside from the fingers-with-indelible-ink photos which flooded our Facebook timelines last election, those fingers meant freebies also. Wonder what’s at stake on 2019?


Star Wars Celebration at SM City Lipa

In celebration of the video release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, SM Supermalls in partnership with Magnavision and Disney will be holding a Star Wars interactive exhibit at SM City Lipa on May 4, Wednesday at the ground floor of the mall’s new annex building.

Part of this Star Wars Celebration is the appearance of Star Wars cosplayers and toy exhibit of Batangas-based Star Wars fans.  The exhibit will also feature some life-size and interactive elements from the hit franchise.  Star Wars trivia games will also be staged to “awaken the force” of Star Wars fans, adults and kids alike.  


Sizzlin’ Steak Opens 12th Store in Lipa City

8 April 2016: Lipa may now enjoy Sizzlin’ Steak and experience hot, fast, affordable sizzlin' meals. Now on its 12th store located at the Ground Floor of SM City Lipa Mall Annex, Sizzlin' Steak's stylish new design merges classic and modern components to have that innovative vibe that reflects its creative and premium offerings.

Opening the store are (from left to right) Max’s Group of Restaurant’s Operations Manager Ronald Joson, Sizzlin Steak franchisee Carleen Go-Shi and SM City Lipa Mall Manager, Liza F. Dimaculangan. 

Sizzlin’ Steak’s dishes are both filling and affordable, like the Sizzlin’ Beef Rice, thinly sliced beef strips marinated in a special sauce, and other sizzling steak favorites: Burger, Chicken, Rib Eye, Tenderloin, and Salmon. Mouthwatering additions to the menu include the Kimchi Rice, Beef Tapa, Sizzlin’ Pasta and Create Your Own Sizzlin’. Diners may also enjoy cooking their meats to a level of doneness as they choose from an array of side dishes and sauces for that flavorful adventure.
“Sizzlin’ Steak brings to the table a delicious menu of hot and sizzling dishes, served passionately to create a 100% delightful experience. Diners can be assured that they will be getting pure, fresh meat, served hot and cooked just right – always. Our diners can enjoy a wide array of dishes that are filling and budget-friendly,” said Robert F. Trota (position).

For the hottest sizzlin’ news about Sizzlin’ Steak, customers may check www.facebook.com/SizzlinSteak on Facebook and @Sizzlin Steak on Twitter and Instagram.

About Max’s Group, Inc. Max’s Group, Inc. (MGI), a company that takes pride in its passion to delight its customers and genuine love for its brands, is the Philippines’ biggest operator in the casual dining segment. MGI is committed to building loved Filipino brands and it is currently growing its network of over 500 stores in the country and more than 30 international stores in the USA, Canada, Asia Pacific and Middle East. Its family of restaurants include Max's Restaurant, Max's Corner Bakery, Pancake House, Yellow Cab Pizza, Teriyaki Boy, Dencio's, Kabisera, Sizzlin' Steak, Le Coeur de France, Maple and Singkit. The company also operates international food brands, Krispy Kreme and Jamba Juice, in the Philippines. To know more about Max’s Group, please visit http://www.maxsgroupinc.com.

For more information, please contact:
Name Jeremia Louise S. Macaraeg
Position Marketing Officer, Sizzlin’ Steak
Contact Number +63923.650.1173
Email Address marketing@sizzlinsteak.com


Fly with your Family to Disneyland for Free

As SM Supermalls celebrate its 30th anniversary this year, SM Malls nationwide will be giving away 30 Disneyland family travel packages through a raffle promo.  Each travel package is good for four persons and includes the airfare to and from Hongkong, hotel accommodation at Disneyland Hotel for two nights and entrance fee at the Disneyland Park. 

To get a raffle entry, shoppers may redeem a receipt with a minimum of Php1,000 single purchase (excluding bills payment and concert ticket) from any participating mall tenant at SM Malls nationwide for 1 raffle coupon.  Shoppers may also double their chances if they are E-plus card members.  The redemption booth at SM City Lipa is located at second floor of the main mall, in between The SM Store and SM Appliance Center, while at SM Batangas the redemption booth is located at the ground floor, in between Giordano and Bench.  Redemption is ongoing until the 13th of March 2016. 

The raffle draw will be at the SM Life Entertainment Inc.’s headquarters located at the MOA Arena Annex Building on March 21, 2016.  Winners will be announced on April 14, 2016 at the Mall of Asia.  


DLSL’s Wellness Management Institute: Equipping You for Massage and Spa Management Competency

De La Salle Lipa has recently opened its newest academic unit, namely the Wellness Management Institute (WMI). The program was officially launched on December 12, 2015 and was attended by people from the wellness industry, businessmen and prominent personalities including Batangas Province Governor, Vilma Santos-Recto and other officials.

In compliance with local and international work skill qualifications, the WMI seeks to equip would-be practitioners with the range of skills, techniques, personal qualities and attributes they need to succeed in the rapidly growing wellness industry. It has two major programs, namely Holistic Massage and Spa Management.

The Certificate in Holistic Massage Program is a 5-week program which equips students with relevant knowledge and skills in the performance of massage therapy through lectures and hands-on practical exercises. The curriculum is designed to enable students to provide treatment for relaxation and stress release, and the development of major functional skills in therapy work, as well as communication, analysis, teamwork and problem solving. After successful completion, students are eligible to take TESDA qualification for local employment as massage therapist and/or continue further studies in Spa Management to reflect the required level of knowledge and skills for an international employment. As prerequisite to the course, students need to take 46 units of Anatomy and Physiology. The course structure includes Foundation of Massage Therapy and Massage Therapy (lectures and demo) as the basic competencies. The common competencies include Fundamentals of Swedish massage, Overview of Facial, Body Treatments, and Overview of Heat Therapy. Finally, Holistic Massage therapy application and Actual Industry Exposure to spa industry are the core competencies.  However, to ensure focused instruction and full hands-on training is achieved, a maximum limit of 16 students per term will be accepted for the Holistic Massage program.

The Certificate in Spa Management is also a 5-week program which provides pertinent knowledge and skills to spa & wellness industry professionals, Management graduates, and spa business owners on the principles, concepts, and basic knowledge in management of spa through lectures, seminars, and practical application through the in-house spa and industry exposure.

After successful completion of both the Holistic Massage and Spa Management courses, graduates will have the required level of knowledge to be eligible for gainful employment overseas.

As a prerequisite to the course, students need to be any of the following: Management-related course graduate, equivalent experienced spa professional, or currently employed as one and/or spa business owner. As to the course structure, the basic competencies include nutritional elements and imbalances, healthy food preparation, metabolism, and communications in the work environment. The common competencies feature spa treatments and its preparations, different kinds of spa treatments, concepts of essential oil and its related principles. And the core competencies revolve around spa reservation system and reception, customer service and managing conflicts, Human Resources, Marketing, Spa Finance, Retail and inventory control, and actual industry exposure to spa industry. Lastly, The DLSL WMI features the COCO SPA, a 350 sqm training ground for students who are taking the program complete with its modern facilities.   

For inquiries, contact Ms. Reanrose Dragon at (043) 756-5555 local 270.


Bagnetified and Kuya J opens at SM City Lipa

Lipa City- Two more dining out options are added to the growing restaurant businesses at SM City Lipa as Bagnetified and Kuya J opens its doors to the public last December.

Bagnetified and Kuya J are located at the second level of the annex building of SM City Lipa. 

Sticking true to its name, Bagnetified incorporates the Ilokano dish bagnet in all of its dishes, thus the name Bagnetified.  For instance, instead of using beef, Bagnet is used in its Kare Kare.  Same thing goes with their pork sinigang, sisig and even burger.  The interior has a contemporary design that allows a laid back casual dining experience.

Kuya J is a homegrown Cebuano eatery, which currently has 19 restaurants across Luzon and Visayas, the latest of which is now up and running at the second floor of the annex building of SM City Lipa.  The restaurant is fitted with bright and sophisticated interiors, while serving well-designed and well-executed native dishes that cut across regional palates.