"May Bukas Pa" tops the night with inspiring finale

“May Bukas Pa,” a hit teleserye from ABS-CBN, just shot off its finale episode tonight, Feb. 5, 2010 – catching avid fans’ hearts with its surprising ending.

Santino, the “miracle boy,” truly captured the viewers’ hearts with his littlest antics and most likely due to his special connection with “Bro,” the personification of Jesus Christ.

Santino braved all the odds that come his way, facing plights involving kidnappers, plagues, greedy businessmen, gambling lords, evil mistresses, and other villains. Together with his numerous “fathers,” titos, titas, ates, kuyas, and pals, Santino conquered every challenge.

As I can vividly recall, the little Santino had to confront the then-cold hearted city mayor Enrique (Albert Martinez) due to his dread for the monks who don’t get along with his worldly plans. Wanting to build a casino resort to soothe his materialistic plans, he tried to bring Santino and the fathers down. With his wife Malena, he did whatever he can to bring to reality all of his visions.

But with Santino’s natural instincts to follow whatever Bro tells him, and out of his kind heart, even Mayor Enrique was touched in the end. Likewise, Enrique later learned that Santino is his son.

The wonder kid’s journey of transforming Barrio Pag-Asa went on and on. Throughout the teleserye’s plot, he encountered different personalities who had their own dilemmas, all of which Santino tried to solve. With God’s help, every life he touched turned out to be healed. And so they all found refuge in Santino’s arms.

Candid Moments of May Bukas Pa

Our family never fails to watch “May Bukas Pa”. Every night after dinner, we would tune in to what may happen next to Santino. We would joke about Santino, always being kidnapped, the kids stowing away, and with Santino, meeting new people every now and then.

However, what makes us laugh the most are as follow:

- the chismosas – Kimberly, Jennifer, and Rosalie (who would always bring the townsfolk with news of all sorts). They will go everyday to Baby and Atong’s (Arlene Muhlach and Ogie Diaz) store to spread their latest chika. And as usual, Atong would ask the three to layas! On and on, this would occur, but everyday too, they would return to the store to tell the latest chismax.

Mga tagapagsalansan ng delata – the other characters, this time, the extras who caught our attention, are the tagapagsalansan ng de lata at Atong and Baby’s store. Everyday, they will be featured at the teleserye, still fixing the canned goods and bigas (seemingly never-ending fixing).

Hepe – The head of the police task force at Bagong Pag-asa is also one of the characters who catches our attention. We remember him as being a seemingly kontrabida at first as he would always be against Mario (Tonton Gutierrez), who is against the mayor. He will usually be clothed with a bib on his chest while eating fried chicken.

Nevertheless, May Bukas Pa will always be a part of us, even if it has ended already.


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