7 Shopping Tips for SM Lipa’s 3-day Sale

Twice a year, SM Lipa is staging its biggest promotional sale- the SM 3-day Sale.  The second sale this year will actually be a 4-day sale to give way for a long weekend on August 28-31. Below is a list of shopping tips that will help a shopper get the best value for their money.

1. Take advantage of SM’s raffle promos – the 3-day sale is a highly budgeted event of the mall and thus they are preparing fabulous prices for their raffle promos.  Below are the two raffle promos that shoppers can join in.

The Mall Raffle
Prize at stake: 1 Unit of Suzuki Celerio
How To Join: For every, 1000-peso worth of purchase in any shop, store and restaurant inside SM Lipa, a shopper is entitled to have a raffle ticket. The raffle tickets can be redeemed at the redemption booths that will be located at SM Lipa’s Events Center and in between Café de Lipa and Pizza Hut. Last 3-day sale, the prizes at stake were 2 units of Suzuki Raider motorcycles and were won by Renelyn Endozo of Lemery, Batangas and Vanessa Cruzat of Balete, Batangas.

The SM Store Raffle
Prizes at stake: 24,000 pesos-worth of load from Globe.  
How to Join: They are giving this to each of the nine lucky winners.
For every single receipt purchase of 2000 pesos at The SM Store, the shopper may redeem his/her raffle entry at the redemption booth located at the ground floor of The SM Store. Winners will be drawn on the following dates and time:  AUGUST 28 (FRI) – 8:00 PM (3 WINERS)/ AUGUST 29 (SAT) – 8:00 PM (3 WINNERS) / AUGUST 30 (SUN) – 9:00 PM (3 WINNERS).

2. Get that additional 10% off on the first two hours on the first day of sale.  First, you have to be an SM Advantage, SM Prestige or BDO rewards card holder to avail of the additional discount. To be precise, this is between 10:00am to 12:00noon on August 28, Friday. The stores that gives this additional discount are the following: The SM Store, Ace Hardware, Surplus Shop, Crocs, The Body Shop and Uniqlo. Yes, Crocs, The Body Shop and Uniqlo are already SM Affiliates. For the SM Appliance Center on the other hand, additional 5% off are given for their appliances on the first two hour sale.

3. Get that 200-peso worth of SM Gift Certificates. “May GC sa Resibo”.  SM is giving away 200-peso worth of SM Gift Certificates for every 5000 pesos worth of single receipt purchase starting August 28 to August 30 from any shop inside SM Lipa. Take note, the 5000 peso purchase must be in one receipt or transaction only. Keep your receipts with you as the GC redemption is timed on August to 29 to 30, 10am to 6pm only.  The redemption booth is also located at the Events Center and in the area between Pizza Hut and Café de Lipa.

4. Get one of those 1000 free pizzas, burgers and sundaes. Yes, you heard it right.  Free food! Shop at least 1000 pesos worth of purchase from any store or restaurant on August 29 to 31 to get a free food promotional stub from our redemption booth.

August 29, Saturday: Free 1000 pizza slices from Pizza Hut
August 30, Sunday: Free 1000 burgers from Bigg’s Diner and Jollibee
August 31, Monday: Free 1000 sundae cups from McDonald’s

Take note: Do not go directly to the participating restaurants, redeem your “free food stub” first at the redemption booths located at the Events Center and in the area between Pizza Hut and Café de Lipa.

5. Get additional rebates when you use your BDO credit cards, cash cards or debit cards at The SM Store. As credit cards make purchasing more convenient, it also gives us additional perks.  Like if you use your BDO cards on the three day sale, the shopper will be getting additional rebates:

A. 10% rebate will be given on a minimum P25,000 purchase when you use your locally issued BDO Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Union Pay / American Express credit card.
B. 5% rebate will be given on a minimum P5,000 purchase when you use your locally issued BDO Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Union Pay / American Express credit card.
C. 3% rebate will be given on a minimum P3,000 purchase when you use your locally issued BDO Debit or Cash Card.

Take note: The rebates will be applicable on the net of all discounts (SMAC and Class Discounts).

6. Make a list and shop early.  Take note that the 3-day sale particularly its first two hours is something that people really look forward to so expect many shoppers as eager as you to shop.  This is particularly obvious at The SM Store and Ace Hardware. One helpful tip is to hunt for your “things to buy” the day before the sale.  Try to fit the clothes and shoes, tests the appliances and inspect the items you are planning to buy.  The sales associates at The SM Store and Ace Hardware are friendly enough to reserve your items for you.  Have your items ready on one cart so when tomorrow comes, you will just be paying your items at the counters.

7. Take note of the mall hours.  August 28, opening at 9am, closing at 10pm. August 29-31 opening at 10am and closing at 10pm.


Lipa Made Even Sweeter with Krispy Kreme

Sweet tooths surely had a blast as Krispy Kreme (KK) opened its 65th store at SM Lipa, Aug. 15, 2015.

Not only that, for the "joy" that KK aims to deliver was just made more exciting with promos that caught Lipenos' fancies. As promised, the 1st to 100th to line up would get supplies of the Original Sugar Glazed doughnuts and coffee.

True enough, no efforts were wasted as the first to line up, Gerald de Guzman, from San Pascual, Batangas, received his very own Golden Ticket. De Guzman won his way to a one-year supply of doughnuts and signature coffee. Runner-ups did not come empty handed as they too won the Silver, Bronze and Blue Tickets.

The opening celebration of KK at SM Lipa was also made even more fun with games, raffle of 3 Golden Tickets (for VIP guests), a brunch for VIPs, and discounts.

#JoyInABox was indeed made a reality with Krispy Kreme!


One-Year Supply of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Anyone? KK to Open at SM Lipa

One-Year Supply of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Anyone?
KK Opens at SM Lipa

Hooray!! Krispy Kreme to open at SM Lipa, August 14, 2015.

Not only that, for you just might win a golden ticket – meaning, you get a one-year supply of KK’s Original Glazed Doughnuts – when you get to line up first during the opening. Other guests still receive free doughnuts as per the promo guidelines (Check out the details below).

Contest Mechanics:

  •          The first customer to line up at Krispy Kreme SM Lipa wins a one (1) year supply of Original Glazed doughnuts and 8oz Signature Coffee prize certificate (Gold).
  •           The second customer wins a 6-month supply of Original Glazed doughnuts and 8oz Signature Coffee prize certificate (Silver).
  •          The third customer wins a 3-month supply of Original Glazed doughnuts and 8oz Signature Coffee prize certificate (Bronze).
  •          The fourth to 100th customer wins a one-month supply of Original Glazed doughnuts prize certificate (Blue).
  •          Guests number 101 onwards get a box of 6 Original Glazed doughnuts for any dozen purchase through the Krispy Kreme mobile app.

To Win:

  •          The customer must stay in line from the time they lined up until the store opening – 10:00 AM of August 14, 2015 at Krispy Kreme SM Lipa (one hour before the store opening, numbered pins will be issued by Krispy Kreme to ensure order and avoid confusion).
  •         Customer must present registered Krispy Kreme Mobile App and purchase at least a dozen doughnuts (P325.00 for Original Glazed doughnuts, P375.00 for Mixed dozen doughnuts or P425.00 for Assorted Doughnuts) at the store opening of Krispy Kreme store to qualify.
  •           Valid for dine-in and take-out.

Other Guidelines:

  •          Proxy or reservation in line is not allowed.
  •          Leaving the line is allowed only during call of nature reasons only.
  •          Customer may only win once.
  •          Reward can be redeemed starting August 21, 2015.

Ready to line up? I’m pretty sure doughnut lovers (like you perhaps) from Lipa and nearby towns would be gearing up for this exciting day. Mark your calendar and don’t miss this special treat from Krispy Kreme. :) 

Can't get enough of KK doughnuts and coffee? Or would you just like to share your love for KK online? Just use the hashtag #JoyInABox and join in the conversation.