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Upwork… it is has been a favorite of mine since 2009 most especially since it is where I get hourly and fixed gigs in writing and other fields. Yes, aside from writing, I also try to apply for marketing, virtual assistance, and other fields where I can use my skills and knowledge. Their system allows me to choose among those jobs from clients with verified payment methods (hence ensuring that I’ll be getting paid for great work) and be informed if I want to take the risk of applying for jobs from those with unverified payment methods.

Likewise, upwork is great for those with proven track records for previous jobs. So far, I do receive application invites – meaning, I get the chance to be interviewed by clients themselves if they see my profile as a fit to their job post. Right now, since I’m also working as a part-time instructor at a school here in the Philippines, I just maintain two regular hourly Upwork gigs (at a total of 7 to 12 hours a week) with a rate of $12 and $9 per hour for the two jobs, respectively. Not bad, especially as I’m from the Philippines. A higher rate would be much appreciated, but since this is a regular gig, it’s really a huge improvement since the time I started freelancing, wherein I received an equivalent of only Php6,000 a month for a total of 100,000 words a month (yup, that’s indeed a lot, right?)

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